Qī Jì Guāng 戚繼光 – Part 7

Yuān Yāng Zhèn 鴛鴦陣 – Mandarin Duck Position

In 1559, the Ming Army fought the Wōkòu 倭寇 at Cén Gǎng 岑港, Zhèjiāng 浙江省 Province. The Ming Army lost. Qī Jì Guāng 戚繼光 and another commander Yú Dà Yóu 俞大猷 (1503-1579) were in charge of another area. Yú Dà Yóu was senior to Qī Jì Guāng 戚繼光 and his Kung Fu was even better than Qi Ji Guang in that time, in particular his sword, and today some sword skills in traditional Chinses Kung Fu come from Yú Dà Yóu. Even though they were not in charge of Zhèjiāng Province, Yú was put in prison, Qī Jì Guāng was demoted and ordered to defeat the Cén Gǎng Wōkòu. It was this reason Qī Jì Guāng created the Yuān Yāng Zhèn 鴛鴦陣 – Mandarin Duck Position, recruited farmers and people from the countryside, and set up his system of discipline. In the end he defeated the Cén Gǎng Wōkòu and the Qī Jiā Jūn 戚家軍 –  Qī Family Army became famous.

In 1560 Qī Jì Guāng was promoted back to his previous rank and he was put in charge of Tái Zhōu 台州, Yán Zhōu 嚴州 and Jīn Huá 金華. In 1561 the Wōkòu attacked Tái Zhōu and so Qī Jì Guāng took his army to fight them. Qī Jì Guāng fought them over nine battles and he won all nine of them and so defeated the Wōkòu.

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