Qī Jì Guāng 戚繼光 – Part 8

Battling the Wōkòu 倭寇 at sea

Even after their defeat in Tái Zhōu 台州, there were still a lot of Wōkòu 倭寇 attacking Southern China, in Fújiàn 福建and Guǎngdōng 廣東. In June 1562, Qī Jì Guāng 戚繼光 brought his Qi Jia Jun 戚家軍-  Qī Family Army to Fújiàn to fight the Wōkòu and after many battles the Qī Jiā Jūn won again. After this Qī Jì Guāng 戚繼光 and his army went to Zhèjiāng 浙江, but in December 1562, the Wōkòu attacked Fújiàn again, only this time they brought an even more people and even attacked the cities, not only the coastline. The Ming Government was taken by surprise and immediately ordered Tán Lùn 譚論 to take charge, with Qī Jì Guāng as his second in command. So as second commander, Qī Jì Guāng brought his army back to Fujian to fight the Wōkòu. As Tán Lùn and Qī Jì Guāng had worked together many times they defeated the Wōkòu many times. In May 1563, Qī Jì Guāng, retook the Píng Hǎi Chéng 平海城 – Ping Hai City and Xīng Huà Chéng 興化城 – Xing Hua City which are main cities in Fújiàn. Qī Jì Guāng was promoted to Chief Commander and put in charge of both provinces – Zhèjiāng and Fújiàn. He successfully defended these areas and even went to Guǎngdōng. By 1567, all the Wōkòu were beaten and there were no more attacks along the Southern Chinese coastline. The government knew that it was all because Qī Jì Guāng and his army was so disciplined.

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